nebulizzazione del preparato 501 in vigna


"Wine is like poetry, which is best appreciated and really understood, only when one person studies the poet’s life, his work, his character, when he or she becomes familiar with the environment where the poet was born, with his upbringing and his world."...


“More than the grapes blending, what matters is the soil, the vinification method, and, above all, since we are talking about artisanal wines, the personality, the psychology of the winemaker. Those who make wine out of passion almost always unleash their intimate, individual and unique nature in the wine”....

foto bianco e nero basilica dei Fieschi


From the historical-artistic point of view, it is very important for the beautiful coastal towns, but in the inland areas, places rich in history are nestled among the steep hills, with villages that still keep customs and traditions alive, far from the contemporaneity....