“The peels are my yeasts

Time is my clarifier

The lees are my sulphites

Terracotta is my wood and

The vineyard is my cellar.

(D. Parma) ”


Spread over almost 5 hectares of land, divided into 6 vineyards plucked from oblivion with the intent of a
cultural revaluation of its area, La Ricolla company tells a story that has its roots in ancient times.
Passion and respect are the values all the production is based on, from work in the vineyard, an essential
element that allows us to bring grapes to the cellar that continue their transformation cycle into wine in a
vital way, without a massive human intervention, but only following time, a faithful supporter of the past
and the future.
And in the words of Mario Soldati: “More than the grapes blending, what matters is the soil, the vinification
method, and, above all, since we are talking about artisanal wines, the personality, the psychology of the
winemaker. Those who make wine out of passion almost always unleash their intimate, individual and
unique nature in the wine”.



The study of history has allowed me to recover ancestral gestures, which modern technology had put aside,
but which, on the contrary, are a resource that enables me to complete my natural philosophy of
maximizing the grapes enhancement.
The selection during the harvest allows me to support a fully natural vinification cycle, with important
macerations, natural clarifications – as in the past, without adding sulphites or other preservative agents,
thanks to the time factor which, together with long steel and amphora aging, enables me to obtain intense
and long-lived wines in oxidation


Maggio 3, 2020


biodinamica, vini naturali