Biodynamics aims to strengthen the plants vitality and resistance, allowing to improve the natural exchange
between the sun and the grapes on one hand, and between the sky and the plants on the other. This aspect
is encouraged by the use of specific preparations and the observation of lunar phases.
Biodynamic viticulture aims to intensify the organic life of the vineyard ecosystem. Each territory,
therefore, manages to best express its characteristics, thanks to the ampelographic and balance
parameters. Biodynamics allows life-giving energy flows by following natural cycles and minimizing human
intervention, who has the sole task of monitoring the right course of the vineyard, to obtain rich fruit.


– Old vineyards

“Wine is like poetry, which is best appreciated and really understood, only when one person studies the
poet’s life, his work, his character, when he or she becomes familiar with the environment where the poet
was born, with his upbringing and his world. The nobility of wine is just this: it is never a detached and
abstract object, which can be judged by drinking a glass, or two or three, from a bottle that comes from a
place where we have never been to. ” (M. Soldati)
Over the years, our interest has increasingly turned to rediscovering forgotten corners of our land and we
have brought back to life old vineyards – often at the foot of ancient abbeys and churches, to witness the
life that once took place here – replanting vineyards but always respecting the indigenous tradition with the
aim of redeeming the Gulf of Tigullio which has always been mistreated.

Vermentino e Bianchetta, historical grapes vinified in purity, are located among the 6 vineyards currently
active: in Tolceto, in San Salvatore di Cogorno at the foot of the splendid Basilica dei Fieschi, arranged in a
fan shape, where Vermentino dominates, in Verici (kingdom of Bianchetta) and another plot towards
Vignolo (in the municipality of Mezzanego)


Maggio 3, 2020


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